COVID-19 Adaptive Exit Strategies simulator: A tool that simulates the impact of different confinement measures on the spread of COVID-19 virus. tool

Mart: A mutation testing tool for LLVM. tool

KLEE-SEMu: A mutation-driven test generation tool. It uses dynamic symbolic execution to analyse mutants and generates related test cases. tool

FeatureNET: A diversity-driven tool that generates deep learning model architectures. tool

Ukwikora: A tool that continuous monitoring the robot framework test suites. tool

VulData7: An automated framework for collecting Security Vulnerabilities from software archives. VulData7 is automated, flexible and easily extensible. tool

Mutation Testing Repository: Is a comprehensive collection and analysis of Mutation Testing literature. The repository includes and categorizes more than 800 scientific papers and 100 tool papers. tool

PiTest++: A Practical Mutation Testing Tool for Java (updated version that supports research operators).tool (integrated on the main branch of PiTest project)

EFLBench: Eclipse Feature Location Benchmark for Software Families. tool

Pleadge: A Product Line EDitor and tests GEneration tool tool

MutaLog: Tool for Mutating Logic Formulas. tool